Nobody born is afraid of a visit to the dentist. Yet many of us grow up to have a dreadful fear of going to get our teeth treated. It may be irrational , the smell of the surgery the noise of the drill , the fear of a needle perhaps ? Whatever the reason it causes huge anxiety or even panic for many people. Much of this is based on a bad experience in the past. There should is no need to fear a visit to the dentist. Modern dentistry should be based on kindness and quality of care. That is what we strive for in our practice.

It is so important to get it right from the very start. Your child’s first visit should be short, interesting and fun. Our dentist and nurse will make friends with your child and entertain them with little counting games or playing with our dental toys. It is so important to bring your child at three or four years when they have no need for treatment and no bad ideas about the dentist. We can teach them about the ‘Germ Bugs’ in their mouth and explain that these little fellows  like to make holes when we feed them too much sugar. Cleaning our teeth allows us to spit them down the sink and say ‘Bye Bye Germ Bugs!!’

Happy children skip in and out of the dentist and have absolutely nothing to fear.


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