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Dental Implants are now a routine option to replace one or more teeth without disturbing any other teeth. The result is excellent, entirely predictable, and likely to last a lifetime. A Dental implant is an artificial root (Titanium or Ceramic) that is placed in the space in the jaw bone where the tooth used to be. It is left for three months to integrate with the bone so that it can then be prepared to carry the final crown. The surgical process is usually done under local anaesthetic or intravenous sedation if preferred.

We are fortunate to have the highly experienced and renowned Surgeon Dr Wilson Grigolli DMD PhD as our resident Implantologist and with his skillset and our advanced equipment and technology we can treat almost any case no matter how complex. Indeed, you may have been advised that you were not suitable for implants but nowadays that is rarely the case. With Zygomatic Implants, sinus lift procedures and bone augmentation many more patients can now avail of dental implants than ever was the case before. Advanced new surgical procedures and modern technology allows us to place a full arch fixed bridge to completely restore the upper teeth in one day. With careful planning you can go from just about no teeth to “Teeth in a Day”!!

The placement of Zygomatic implants is a highly advanced surgical technique where the specially designed implants are angled into the zygomatic bone. The dense composition of the zygomatic bone along with the angulation of the implant allows a dental prosthesis to be immediately loaded onto the implants during surgery. Given their high survival rate (96% after 12 years) Zygomatic implants are a safe and effective treatment option, especially useful for patients who have lost a significant amount of jawbone and /or would rather avoid having a bone graft or sinus lift procedure performed.

This is often a useful option for patients who have been wearing complete dentures for decades and have very poor bony support. If zygomatic implants sound like something that might fit your needs please  contact us for a consultation appointment.

Q: How many implants would I need?

There is no simple answer to this but If you are missing a single tooth then one implant crown can replace it. In some cases, three or more teeth may be replaced by a bridge supported by two implants. A full edentulous arch can be restored using an implant supported full bridge. An implant retained denture will be far more stable and secure than a conventional denture.

In any case the best place to start is with a consultation and perhaps an X-ray. Call Ratoath Dental and Implant Centre, or fill out our  contact form in order to book a consultation. 

Q: Would I be suitable for implants?

Almost everyone is suitable for Dental Implants though some castes are more complex than others. Good oral hygiene and quality available bone are ideal. Some Medical conditions would make implants impossible however most of these issues can be addressed at the assessment visit.

Q: Does the process hurt?

Placing an implant is a little like the reverse of extracting a tooth. Some post operative bruising and moderate pain is to be expected but this can usually be controlled with analgesic and antibiotic medicines. For simple Implant procedures you could expect no more than twenty-four hours of mild to moderate to moderate pain. More advanced surgery might require a few days rest and recuperation.

What does and implant cost?

A single unit Implant with crown will cost €2,500. Tax relief at 20% is available for this. Ancillary costs such as bone augmentation, CT scans with Guided Navigation may add to the above. You will be given a better idea of likely costs at your  Implant consultation and discussion with our Treatment Co Ordinator – Sylwia.

This is a surgical technique whereby the soft lining or membrane of the sinus floor is carefully raised to allow synthetic bone to be placed in the resultant cavity and thereby increase the available bone for implant placement in the maxilla / Upper jaw. Dr Wilson Grigolli DMD PhD is foremost among his peers in the practice of this procedure which greatly enhances the success of implants in the upper arch.

With his vast surgical expertise in Oral surgery and Implantology,  Dr Wilson Grigolli DMD PhD uses the latest technology and best equipment to restore function and cosmetics in the most demanding situations and limitations.

Advanced 3D images can be synchronised with our Dynamic Navigation X Guide to safely navigate the most challenging surgical procedures. Advanced surgeries include Sinus lift procedures, Cyst or other pathology removal, Zygomatic Implant surgery, Nerve repositioning, Bone Grafting /Augmentation, and retrieval of implants or other materials from the sinus cavity.

Dynamic Navigation Surgery is an exciting new technology that allows the safe and predictable placement of an implant fully guided by a computer. Dynamic navigation integrates surgical instrumentation and 3D Xray images in a live/real time interface which allows safe placement quite close to but avoiding vital structures. This system may also allow surgical access to areas where space is very limited or complicated or where free hand surgery might not be considered safe. Ratoath Dental and Implant Centre use advanced Kavo OP 3D Pro 3D images to integrate with the X Guide Navigation system. 

Zirconium or Ceramic Implants are a strong and wholly biocompatible holistic alternative to conventional metal alternatives. Their biocompatible properties allow them to easily assimilate to the jawbone. Allergy or sensitivity to Titanium has been reported in approximately 0.6% of patients and in situations where this may be an issue Ceramic Dental implants offer a safe and effective alternative. As a white material, the aesthetic properties of ceramics are self-evident, especially in patients with a thin or delicate soft tissue and in the anterior area of the mouth. Dr Wilson Grigolli DMD PhD has been using Ceramic Dental Implants for many years with 100% success to date.

Dr Wilson Grigolli DMD PhD and the team at Ratoath Dental and Implant Centre have considerable expertise and surgical experience and the most advanced equipment and technology to successfully and efficiently rehabilitate the more demanding cases. Many patients who have previously been considered hopeless or impossible to treat with Implants have been successfully cared for here. Excellent 3D images can be synchronised with the Dynamic navigation X Guide to safely navigate the most challenging surgical procedures. The use of Zygomatic Implants, Bone grafting or Sinus lift procedures has provided viable and predictable options for entirely successful rehabilitation of even the most challenging of cases.

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