We are here to help!

None of us were born nervious of dentists but many of us have become that way.

It may be down to anxiety or the expectation of something awful. Others have a fear of needles, the drills, or even the smells.

Firstly, we listen carefully to what you have to say. Your feelings matter and It is important that we appreciate your fears and expectations. We help you understand what your treatment options and how best to proceed. Allowing extra time and a gentler approach for your visits, or listening to music may help. We use topical anaesthetic gel and the finest needles to make the injections easier.

Sometimes we also use a pre-med oral sedative. For patients who are especially nervous treatment under intravenous sedation is available. Our practice is well renowned for its care of very nervous patients and you will be well looked after here. 

Take a look at our video to see how we will take care of you.

Whatever the reason we understand, and we are here to help!

Intravenous IV Sedation is the best technique for the complete control of anxiety in dentistry. A sedative drug (Midazolam) induces a hypnotic  semi-conscious state and is a choice for the treatment of very nervous patients. IV sedation is not a general anaesthetic but is a safe more controlled alternative.

Will I be asleep? You will be deeply relaxed throughout the procedure and lose all sense of what’s going on and the time involved. You may even fall asleep but that is not the purpose of sedation. Partial or complete memory loss is another effect of sedation so that in any event it will appear that you were indeed asleep during the procedure.

Do I still need a needle?  Although you will be completely relaxed/asleep local anaesthetic is required for the dental procedure, but you will not be aware of it and will not remember it being given.

Is IV sedation safe? Yes it extremely  safe when carried out by a specially trained dentist. However it should not be used during pregnancy and some other medical conditions for example impaired lung  kidney or liver function would rule out sedation as a treatment option.

How will I be afterwards? Can I drive home? You will be very happy when the procedure is finished. But you will be drowsy and still under the influence of the drug. You will need an escort to bring you home. You are completely unfit to drive and should not attempt to do so. The next day you will be fine!

Cost of IV sedation? The cost per sedation visit is €250. This is payable at the time of  booking the appointment.