In a cautionary tale from Wrexham last year, a woman named Marsha Thomas shared her painful experience after spending £8,000 on dental work during two trips to Turkey. Despite the promise of a perfect smile, Marsha faced serious complications and now warns others to thoroughly research before undergoing similar procedures.

Shortly after the surgery, Marsha experienced alarming symptoms, including facial and lip swelling, making it challenging to breathe. Two of her teeth became loose and ill-fitting, leading to persistent mouth and throat infections. When she reached out to the overseas dentist, she faced resistance and was threatened with legal action if she contacted them again.

The trend of seeking dental treatments abroad, often referred to as “Turkey teeth,” has gained popularity due to the lower costs compared to the UK and Ireland. However, dental experts are increasingly concerned about the risks associated with invasive oral surgeries performed abroad. According to a report by the British Dentist Association, 86% of UK dentists have treated patients experiencing complications from overseas treatments. This presents insurance issues for the UK / Irish dentist should they intervene as they may be deemed to be at least partly  responsible for any failed treatment . 

Our own Dr. Conor Irwin has this to say on the latest dental trend: “The idea that clever Instagram marketing can persuade someone to allow a dentist they have never met to essentially destroy all their teeth to achieve a wholly fake smile is deeply unsettling on so many levels. The treatment is almost impossible to correct. There is usually no legal recourse. It is usually shameless over treatment. In almost every case about twenty teeth will be crowned. It is crazy stuff!“

While the allure of lower costs in countries like Turkey, where the surgery can be around £6, 000 compared to up to £20,000 in the UK, may be tempting, stories like Marsha’s underscore the potential dangers.

Her advice to those considering similar treatments is to go beyond online research and speak to local individuals who have undergone similar procedures. Marsha’s story serves as a stark reminder of the importance of thorough research and consideration before opting for dental treatments from a new and unknown/untrusted source.Cheap dentistry should not necessarily be taken as good value. It may in fact be a very expensive mistake. 


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