Our procedures

We are very happy to welcome referrals at our practice. We are well equipped with the latest technology in digital imagery, dynamic navigation, and CT scanning.  Our practice specialises in complex Implant surgery, we are vastly experienced in IV and Nitrous Oxide Inhalation Sedation are very used to treating especially nervous patients.

Referred patients will be assessed and treated as per the referral instructions and discharged on completion back to their dentist. The best method of referral is by e-mail and there is a facility on the referral to up-load any relevant attachments such as blood results, medication lists or scans. We will endeavour to arrange a consultation appointment as soon as possible and usually within a week.

online referral

Please send referrals directly to info@ratoathdental.ie.

We are aware that different practitioners prefer different methods of referral and we continue to accept referrals by post with hard copies of x-rays and CT scans. Fax remains an option for now and for those referring practitioners who prefer phone referral, you can refer as normal.

Should you require business cards to issue at the time of referral please contact reception and we will post them out as usual.