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If you are missing all of your teeth then complete upper and lower dentures are an option. Otherwise partial dentures, bridgework or implants can be used to close spaces between remaining teeth. Dentures are removable and it is important that they are removed for eight hours out of every day. This allows the tissues to breathe and to be cleaned by your protective saliva. It also allows time for the dentures to be steeped in a mild disinfectant so that all bacteria are removed and a fresh clean denture goes back into a clean healthy mouth.

Complete or Full Dentures, these are made of an acrylic resin material and the close fit and comfort is complimented by the quality of natural looking teeth. We can offer a range of teeth to choose from but we prefer to use the best quality available. We usually require four visits over eight weeks to make a set of complete dentures. Cost: from €460 (either upper or lower denture) or €850 for both upper and lower sets.

Partial Dentures, these close the gaps between remaining teeth to restore a full smile and improve your bite. They are usually made of an acrylic resin. Where required a metal clasp can help to position and hold them in place. A modern variation on this is the Valplast or flexible acrylic denture which snugly holds the adjoining teeth with invisible clasps. These dentures are easier to get used to and give greater comfort and confidence to the wearer.

Alternatively a high quality partial denture can be made on a metal framework. This is the precision cast and well retained Cobalt Chrome denture. It is extremely strong and is often prescribed where the patient has an especially strong bite. It is usually well tolerated as it fits so well and can be neatly made because the strength of the metal framework. Cost: simple350/ Complex 2 or more Teeth460, Valplast /Colbalt Chrome Denture 1150

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